With XTOOLS our clients can retrieve all necessary reports at a moments notice! XTL can also personalize your reports to suit your corporate needs. Clicking on the XTOOLS and logging into your personalized web page will give you access to all of the information you need. There are numerous reports available upon request, and XTOOLS will give you the ability to track your loads (arrival and departure) and all historical documents associated to your account. Furthermore, creating your appointments and retrieving account information is all done easily with XTOOLS.

As an added bonus, if you have limited time and you don’t want to log onto the XTL website to retrieve your reports, XTOOLS can email or fax your requested documents to you automatically!

XTL Distribution Services has an exceptional series of tools on the web. By using our LOGIMAX software you will be able to verify and manage your stock, acquire reports and trip documents, view your order information and set pickup and delivery times.

Can’t find the reports or information you want? Your Account Manager will be happy to discuss your needs and work with you and our MIS department to ensure your needs are met.

Fuel Surcharge

Due to the increase in costs for fuel refining, the transportation industry is realizing some hefty increases in the cost of diesel fuel. Practicality and efficiency are key to every successful business, and by instituting fluctuating fuel surcharges to offset the fuel cost increase, carriers have eliminated the need to renegotiate your contract each time the fuel price increases or decreases.

Forward thinking shippers understand that carriers must pass this increase onto the customer. Although the XTL Group of Companies sets the fuel surcharge as per the FCA (Freight Carriers Association) recommendation, we continually monitor fuel prices set by other regulating bodies.