XTL Sits Down With TCA In Feature: Those Who Deliver

Last month, XTL sat down with the Truckload Carrier Association in their latest article feature, Those Who Deliver. The article touches on several topics ranging from partnership and evolution, to training and development, and the many ways XTL practices corporate social responsibility.

As written by Cliff Abbot, “Partnership is a word that is used often at XTL Transport. It’s used to describe relationships with customers, vendors, and team members at every level, according to COO Craig Germain. ‘Our partnership approach is across our business,’ [Germain] stressed. ‘If you look at our key customers, it’s longstanding, decades-long partnerships. If you look at our key suppliers, who we buy our equipment from, or the carrier partners we work with in our logistics business, we build good partnerships. And the last, but just as important, piece of that partnership approach comes down to our people.'”

The article goes on to discuss the management philosophy behind the transition to hourly pay for highway drivers and the partnership with a highly qualified CDL school that trains new drivers.

“We do a lot of training, a lot of mentoring to develop the quality of driver we need,” [Germain] continued. “We’re always looking for experienced drivers — but at the same time, we know that the future success of XTL is about developing our own.”

Other core values highlighted in the article were diversity, sustainability and the importance of community; all of which come back down to XTL’s partnership approach.

To read the full article click the link here: Those Who Deliver with XTL Transport – TheTrucker.com

Special thanks to Cliff Abbott for writing the article.





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