7 Tips to Improve Transportation Security

Transportation security is a big issue in the supply chain, not only to keep insurance cost low, but to prevent stolen merchandise from ending up in the black market.  Here are 7 easy tips to improve your transportation security.

 1.  Use a reputable carrier

This seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many companies will ship with a new and unknown carrier to save $100 on a shipment worth thousands of dollars.  Not that there is anything wrong with small 1-2 truck carriers, but they just don’t have the systems in place for things like:  hiring policies, satellite tracking and check ins, etc.  Check out your carriers, get references and make sure they have been in business for a long period of time with a good safety record.

2.  Wrap LTL… tight!

If you’re shipping LTL, use good quality stretch wrap and add a couple of extra layers.  Wrap it tight.  This simple measure can help reduce a missing box, or a box getting broken into.  At least if it happens, you have strong evidence for a claim!

3.  Pin-lock drop trailers

While this is not fool-proof, it is a deterrent.  If a thief has a choice of two trailers, one with a pin lock and one without, guess which one he’s going to choose.  A good quality pin lock and a system to ensure they are used goes a long way in securing dropped trailers.

4.  Avoid dropped trailers

Most theft occurs when trailers are dropped and left un-attended.  Try to avoid this situation as much as possible.  If you have to drop, make sure it’s in a secured yard that has a guard.  Otherwise, it’s just an invitation for a thief.

5.   Have a system to ID carriers picking up

It’s amazing how many shippers don’t implement this.  They load thousands of dollars worth of freight on a truck because a driver shows up and says, “I’m here for the load to Canada”.  He get’s loaded and he’s gone.  It’s a surprise later when the actual booked carrier shows up later for the shipment.  Make sure you ID your carrier either by the name on the truck and match it to the one booked, or get the driver’s ID and make sure he works for the company booked with.

6.  Use FAST/C-TPAT Carriers

Carriers that are part of the FAST or C-TPAT programs have already been verified by government bodies for their compliance to various security standards.  Simply choosing one will increase the level of security of your shipments.

7.  Seal full load shipments

A wire seal isn’t going to stop anyone looking to steal a shipment, but it does discourage tampering and a few missing boxes type of theft.  At least if theft happens, you’ll have evidence it happened during transport and increase your chances of a successful claim.

About XTL Transport

XTL is both a FAST and C-TPAT carrier.  We take load security very seriously.  If your concerned about the security of your shipments, give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

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