Save the Planet, One Mile at a Time with SmartWay

Did You Know You Could Impact the Environment with Your Choice of Trucking Company?

Yes, you can!  Carriers that are part of the SmartWay program have been recognized for their efforts in reducing carbon emissions in their fleets by saving fuel and reducing their impact on green house gas emissions.  Green house gasses are thought to contribute to global warming.

What is the SmartWay Program?

SmartWay is a program by the US Environmental Protection Agency and supported by Natural Resources Canada’s FleetSmart initiative.  It works by helping trucking companies’ catalogue and estimate the carbon footprint of their trucking fleet, then helps them put a plan in place to reduce their emissions.  This is a voluntary program, so SmartWay partners are only those who truly care about their environmental impact.

It is estimated that since the program started in 2004, that over 65 million barrels of oil have been saved.  That’s equivalent to taking 5 million cars of the road for an entire year.

How can You Help?

You can help support the SmartWay program and the environment in two ways.  First, you can join the SmartWay program yourself.  As a shipper, you can measure the carbon impact of your shipping operations and the carriers you choose to move your freight.  You can also help reduce your impact by having no-idling policies at your dock facilities.  The second way you can help the environment is to choose SmartWay carriers more often.  This is the basic premise of the SmartWay program; that shippers, given a choice, will choose to do business with carriers who care about the environment and have taken measures to reduce their carbon impact.

Over 3000 corporations and many fortune 500 companies are already part of the SmartWay program.

XTL is a SmartWay Partner

XTL is a SmartWay Partner.  We’ve been working to reduce our carbon emissions through the SmartWay program.  So, your choice of XTL Transport to deliver your shipments is helping support the goals of the SmartWay program.

If you would like to know more about the SmartWay Program and how XTL can help you, please contact us.

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