Heated Service Trucking Offered by Canadian Carriers in Winter

Heated Service TruckingWhat is Heated Service Trucking vs. Protect from Freeze Service

Many trucking companies offer both a Heated Service and a Protect from Freeze Service.  Heated Service trucking is where the carrier moves the shipment on a temperature controlled trailer and maintains a specific temperature.  Heated Service may also mean that the carrier is moving the shipment on a regular trailer with a portable heater.  It is important to note the difference between the two.  A temperature controlled trailer can maintain a specific temperature while a portable heater can only add some heat to the trailer.  A trailer with a portable heater has no guarantee of a specific temperature and can under very cold conditions outside, still allow temperature sensitive products to freeze.

Protect from Freeze Service can mean a few different things as well.  A regular trailer with a portable heater could qualify as a “protect from freeze service”.  Many carriers, especially with LTL shipments, particularly in the US, offer a “protect from freeze service”.  The way this service is generally provided is by keeping the freight moving between heated distribution facilities.  While in transit, the freight is not heated, nor on a temperature controlled trailer.  The carriers take the chance that liquids will remain warm enough during transport and that they won’t cool down to freezing temperatures before the freight arrives at the next heated terminal.

Why is it Important to Know the Difference?

If you’re shipping a liquid that is very temperature sensitive in winter time, you will absolutely want a temperature controlled trailer, especially if the liquid being shipped freezes at above 10 degrees Celsius.  If your liquid can be thawed without consequences and it’s not particularly expensive, you might make the choice to go with a “protect from freeze” service vs. a truly heated service.

Canadian Trucking Companies Offer Heated Service in Winter

Canadian trucking companies know how harsh and cold the Canadian winter is.  They are equipped to deal with cold temperatures and have invested in the equipment to protect their customer’s shipments during the cold winter months.

At XTL Transport, the company has gone one step further.  XTL offers a service they call TEMPSOLUTION.  Not only are the trailers temperature controlled, but they are also specially insulated to reduce temperature spikes and influence from the outside of the trailer.  XTL’s TEMPSOLUTION also provides for real-time on-line tracking of temperature of a shipment on the internet.  This is really an excellent solution for shippers who need exact temperature specifications during transit as well as, traceability throughout the supply chain.  This service is ideal for pharmaceutical, chemical and food ingredient shippers.  XTL is a Canadian trucking company that knows how to deal with the cold Canadian winters, while protecting your shipments during the cold winter months!  LEARN MORE ABOUT XTL’S TEMPSOLUTION….