Breaking the Bias: Correcting the Gender Imbalance in Trucking & Logistics

“The industry’s gender imbalance is a complex issue but one that requires us to think about the most appropriate strategies to get it right.” – Trucking HR Canada

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and this year’s theme of Breaking the Bias, XTL recognizes the importance of women in the workplace and industry of Trucking & Logistics. At XTL, women have been given every opportunity for success and development. 44% of our management team are women which is significantly higher than the industry standard of less than 5% according to Trucking HR Canada.

XTL believes it is important to have a diverse and equal representation of both genders on our team. According to Truckers Human Resource Sector Council (THRSC), companies with higher percentages of women outperformed those with the least by 66%. XTL encourages women in the transportation industry by providing professional development, leadership programs, mentoring, and career advancement. 

XTL is breaking the bias with women in the workplace, especially in the Trucking & Logistics industry. Let’s celebrate our team! 

“The transportation industry is still perceived as a “male-dominated” industry. As we advance and have more representation of women, we will be able to reverse that perception. Breaking the bias also means taking risks and joining an industry that is considered to have that bias and recognizing for yourself that you can make a difference. I personally encourage any women I know to learn more about our industry and for those that are already in our industry that there is nothing stopping them from growing in the industry! The sky is the limit!” Merany Khun, Chief Financial Officer 

“Slowly, the ratio of women is increasing in the industry and also in key positions. We see more and more women who are role models.”- Valérie Blanchard, Senior HR Advisor

“It makes me proud that we have come this far and women in our country can hold any job they want, go to any school and any program they choose.  There is still lots of work to do in other countries but as a Canadian woman I am proud of where we are today.” – Stephanie Gagnon, Director of Western Terminals

“The transportation industry has always been considered a “man’s world” or “male dominant.” Today, we’re seeing women make huge strides, not only in their careers but in the industry as a whole.” – Kamilia Baroudi, Senior HR Director

XTL celebrates women in the workplace and Trucking & Logistics industry. We aim to attract and retain women to grow our talent, improve our company culture, and increase our economic success. We are proud to have such a diverse group of women as employees will continue to grow!

Happy International Women’s Day! 


Additional Quotes: 

“At XTL, women have been given every opportunity for success and development. We hold key positions in every department, even in areas that typically would be held by a male.” – Heather Savage, Billing and Settlement Manager

“To those women in the transportation industry – you can achieve everything you put the work in for, go get it!” – Audrey Belair, US Operation Manager

“Our industry has evolved a lot over the decades that I’ve been in it.  It’s more sophisticated but still all about the people.  I never intended a career in transport but once I got in, there was no going back.” – Lorraine Koehler, Vice President of Shared Services

 “Keep Trucking! Changes are coming and don’t be afraid to apply for those male-dominated jobs.” – Ann-Marie Pereira, Credit Manager

“Having great female role models in this business is huge!” – Sukhy Hayre, Controller

“International Women’s Day is a powerful commemoration day that unites us, women, to celebrate social, economical, and political achievements. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the progress that has been made over the years to achieve equality in the workplace and acknowledge the steps that still need to be made.” – Laura Galvis, Terminal Manager

“We need more people in the transportation industry, women can be a great source of recruitment if we give them the opportunity.” – Caroline Francoeur, General Manager Savoie Express

“I have been a driver for almost 20 years!” – Hélène Dupuis, Driver

“International Women’s Day allows me to look back on progress as a society and also my personal progress.” – Cynthia Héroux, Driver


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