Temperature Controlled Transportation

temperature controlled transportation thermometerIndustry Leaders in Temperature Controlled Transportation

In 2012, XTL recognized a need for temperature controlled transport.  When we say temperature controlled transport, we mean beyond the standard heater or refrigeration unit.  A growing number of customers were demanding a better trailer, one that was insulated and regulated the temperature better.  They were looking for temperature controlled trailers that could be tracked and monitored in real time to ensure their temperature sensitive goods traveled in a suitable environment to preserve the quality of their products.

TempSolution – Temperature Controlled Transportation

TempSolution is XTL’s answer to temperature controlled transportation for the future.  XTL’s units are fully equipped with both GPS and on-board vehicle recording devices.  XTL’s fleet of specially manufactured and designed trailers allow for complete monitoring and the production of a comprehensive monitoring report upon delivery that can be access via the internet.

Temperature Controlled Transportation for the Pharmaceutical Industries

The shipment of pharmaceuticals often involves a delicate temperature balance to preserve the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical products being shipped.  Logistics managers in the pharma industry want to a clear chain of record detailing the conditions of transportation.  XTL’s TempSolution can provide this and more.  Comprehensive monitoring and tracking through the internet from the comfort of the logistics manager’s desk!

Temperature Controlled Transport for the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry has high standards for cold chain logistics.  They want to know that their products are transported safely at specific temperatures.  XTL’s TempSolution is an ideal service to meet the strict requirements of the food and beverage industry.  Specially engineered trailers do a superior job of maintaining a specific temperature.  In addition, the technology attached to each trailer to monitor and track temperature ensures not only that the goods are transported at the right temperature, but you can prove it, with temperature records that can be viewed on the internet.  TempSolution is a safe and convenient way to ship your temperature sensitive freight.

Key Benefits of TempSolution Temperature Controlled Transportation

  • Specially engineered trailers do a better job of insulating the trailer and maintaining a specific temperature so you don’t have to worry about temperature spikes.
  • Technologically advanced monitoring system allows you to track temperature in real time during the shipment so you know the shipment is secure before it’s delivered.
  • Easy internet access makes it convenient for you to check on a shipment anytime.
  • Robust web reporting system allows you to pull reports any way you like to trace shipments that are moving now, or in the past.  You can always feel secure you have a detailed record of the transport temperature your goods were shipped at.

Watch our TempSolutions video for more information.