Full Truckload Carriers

Full Truckload Carriers Found at XTL Transport

XTL Transport started primarily as a full truckload carrier.  However, over the years, XTL has evolved to include Logistics, Warehousing and specialized temperature controlled transport.

XTL has made a considerable investment in equipment.  As a truckload carrier with over 1200 trailers at it’s disposal, XTL can handle your drop and switch shipments with ease.  Plus, leveraging our logistics division you have access to virtually an unlimited supply of equipment through our network of providers.

In addition to full truckload service, XTL Transport also offers temperature controlled transportation through our fleet of reefer trailers.  Recently, we expanded our fleet to include specially designed insulated temperature controlled vans that not only retain the temperature, but maintain it through careful monitoring and tracking.  Learn more about XTL’s Tempsolution.

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