Customs initiatives

XTL always is actively pursuing approval in any new customs initiatives brought forth by both the Canadian and the U.S. Governments.

XTL has been approved for the following customs initiatives listed below:

Approved November 2003 – View certificate

The purpose of the FAST (Free and Secure Trade) program is to ensure a fast release of merchandise at the border and a free flow of international trade.

Being enrolled in the FAST program will ensure the integrity of the cargo we are delivering, not to mention contributing to the security of our borders. XTL is an approved FAST carrier, and our drivers are also approved individually under the FAST program.

Approved September 2003 – View certificate

The C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program has been put in place to maintain effective levels of security throughout the global supply chain.

Approved January 2002 – View certificate

The PIP program is the Canadian equivalent to the U.S. C-TPAT program, and although PIP is the brainchild of the Canadian Association Against Terrorism, the standards remain the same as C-TPAT.

Approved November 2003 – View certificate

CSA (Canadian Self Assessment) is the Canadian equivalent of the FAST program.


PARS (Canada) Preapproved Review System) and PAPS (US) (Preapproved Pars System) have been created to allow the quick release of goods entering and leaving Canada and the US.

Both programs utilize the use of a Barcode system to expedite the release of cargo while ensuring the integrity of the shipment.All information regarding the shipment is sent ahead to customs, along with the Barcode information. Once arriving at customs, the driver gives the Customs Officer all paperwork, which includes the PARS/PAPS sticker. When the Customs Officer scans the Barcode, all pertinent information has already been entered into the system which allows the cargo to be brought across either border without delay.