In 2012, XTL introduced the launch of TEMPSOLUTION “state-of-the-art” fleet of advanced temperature controlled trailers which protect the integrity of all temperature sensitive products, no matter what weather conditions, or temperature fluctuations may occur outside the trailer. Using R-6 level insulation through-out, and state-of-the-art temperature monitoring technologies, XTL’s ultra-modern fleet continuously monitors and actively manages the temperatures of the goods within the trailer, ensuring product integrity from the time it leaves your facility until it reaches it’s final destination.  XTL is a leader in temperature controlled transportation.

Fully equipped with both GPS and on-board vehicle recording devices, our TempSOLUTION fleet of specialized equipment, allows real time monitoring of the shipment’s location and temperature. Upon delivery, a complete shipping profile analysis can be downloaded via our X-Trac online system.

All of our TempSOLUTION trailers adhere to current and future government regulations, giving you “peace-of-mind” that your products are being transported safely, while offering you the capability to meet the most stringent quality control guidelines.  Contact XTL for temperature controlled transportation today.