The perfect order

With a 100% commitment to The Perfect Order, XTL Logistics is well equipped to provide your business with most technologically advanced and cost-effective logistics solutions. The Perfect Order is a guideline that is based on providing our partners with only the highest level of technology available, enabling them to interface with their order.

Using value chain principles (which put your priorities at the center, and design a value network around them) XTL Logistics actively builds and manages strategic alliances to deliver a seamless logistics plan to our customers.

Components of The Perfect Order

XTL Logistics’ definition of The Perfect Order can be summed up simply by being on time and complete. However, what goes on behind the scenes is a detailed, multi-step process to ensure these critical steps are met on every order.

  • Receive load tender with required lead-time (EDI, on-line, faxed or verbal
  • Choose Strategic Partner (through value-based selection criteria)
  • Tender to carrier with required lead-time
  • Track carrier to pick-up (p/u) (on-line, faxed or verbal)
  • Receive on-time Arrival / Departure (A/D) status for p/u (EDI, on-line, faxed or verbal); assess any additional costs or delays
  • Track carrier to delivery (on-line, faxed or verbal)
  • Receive on-time A/D status for delivery (EDI, on-line, faxed or verbal); assess any additional costs or delays
  • Confirm that order has been received complete – Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • Capture complete order information for reporting purposes (on-time to customer; on-time by carrier – carrier scorecard)
  • Invoice customer agreed amount
  • Pay carrier agreed amount / terms
  • Receive payment from customer on agreed terms

Technology is a key player in being able to generate the perfect order. By building a value network of technology, XLI can perform the necessary steps with the velocity required for real-time sharing and reporting. XTL Logistics is committed to provide the highest level of technology our customers  require to interface with their orders.