Paper services

Since 1985, XTL Distribution has been specializing in paper services by warehousing and distribution of paper and paper products. Our employees have over 75 years combined experience in handling paper, to add, all of our employees are fully knowledgeable in storage, loading, securing, inspection and safe handling of paper and paper products. XTL Distribution is equipped with the tools needed to provide the best service possible to you! From our trucks and towmotors with paper roll clamps, to the bale clamps for pulp and shredded stock, XTL Distribution is able to take care of and distribute your paper product.

XTL Distribution was the first paper services warehouse in Canada to utilize 5 Bolzoni Auramo intelligent clamps for paper rolls. Working closely with the Auramo team has helped us provide our customers with higher quality handling. Auramo is the recognized world wide leader in damage free paper handling. Models CTXR 20 and 30 are mated to Mitsubishi 6 and 8 thousand pound trucks, sold and serviced by Rigo Lift Trucks.

  • 180-degree rotation paper roll clamp for vertical and horizontal handling of single rolls.
  • Microprocessor control system to control the clamping force. Minimized clamping force prevents paper roll out-of-roundness.
  • Pivoting arm movement. Short and long arms.