Distribution Centers in Toronto and Montreal

XTL is pleased to be able to provide our customers with distribution centres in both Toronto and Montreal. With an experienced distribution team, advanced technology and a prime location as assets, XTL Distribution is ready and able to service your warehousing and distribution needs.


The XTL Distribution center boasts over 75 years of combined experience, with all staff being experienced in safe handling of product. This knowledge and experience allows us to provide break-bulk and cross-docking services, as well as ‘pick & pack’ services. As well as our break-bulk and cross-docking services, using Electronic Data Interchange, we are able to issue waybills based on the customer’s requests. Shrinking lead times have created a need to have your product closer to the major markets; and as a result of this operation, we have proven it to be a significant cost-saving and service enhancing feature to our customers.

XTL Distribution provides “value added” services such as a Contract Logistics Service. Using tri-axle and quad-axle vans, XTL can transport larger payloads from points beyond the main corridors of Ontario and Quebec to the Toronto and Montreal distribution centres. Loads are then broken down and shipped to U.S. destinations on tandem vans that comply with U.S. weight restrictions.

The knowledge and experience of XTL’s staff allows these services to be provided effectively and efficiently!  So if you’re looking for a distribution center in Montreal or Toronto, contact us for more details on how we can help you.


As with XTL Transport and XTL Logistics, XTL Distribution has a vast amount of technology at our hands to provide efficient service to our customers. XTL Distribution center’s custom warehouse management software allows us to keep track of inventory, produce Bills of Lading, and operate as a ‘branch operator’ for your company. Integrated with XTL Transport’s transportation software, XTL Distribution is able to operate as a true 3PL!